American Sniper Book Cover American Sniper
Chris Kyle, Jim Defelice, Scott McEwen
William Morrow and company
January 2,2012

The Shot Heard Around the World
Garret Hoefs, Omaha World Herald
Location: Sadr city, Iraq
Time:August 2008

In 2008 a record shot distance was recorded in Iraq. A group of marines providing overwatch for another group of marines and the shooter Chris “the Legend” Kyle spotted an insurgent on the top of a rooftop. He was aiming his weapon right at his fellow Marines. Kyle was ready to take the shot but his commander was not ready as he ordered him not to as it would give away their position and it would make it very difficult to get out of the building they were in.

Kyle lined up the shot and kept his eyes on the man. He soon lost interest he suddenly saw the man start shooting at his fellow marines. Kyle quickly urged his commander to let him take the shot as marine after marine was fell. He finally allowed him to take the shot he breathed in and half a breathe out and pulled the trigger, “splat” as the bullet hit the insurgents from a record 2100 yards.

Now the tricky part came getting out of the building. After Kyle had shot he had given away his position and now armed insurgents (who wanted to kill them)were coming for them. The sandstorm that was viciously bouncing of the Soldiers skin there was screams as the violence raged on. Suddenly they decided to make a run for the humvee most of the soldier after soldier they piled in with no regard for comfort and they took off.

After Kyles honorable discharge he calls this amazing task “a straight up luck shot” according to reports. He now remains at home with his family in Chalk Mountain, Texas with his two children and wife. He suffers from trauma from the war and often wakes up in the middle of the night just punching at thin air.

On February 2,2013 Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefeild were shot and killed by Ray Routh. He went down in history as Americas most lethal Sniper.